Twitch Expression (Part 6) – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

So you want to make things twitch around but hate having to keyframe? Enjoy saving some sweet time with this expression tutorial series.

Part 6 of 6 of the Twitch Expression in Adobe After Effects. You can use this in any version of after effects so long as you can write expressions. If you follow all the steps though I’m sure you can do it.

If you’re finding this one too hard check out part 1 and go from there.

If this is too easy for you check you… none, this one is really as hard as it gets.

Youtube won’t allow the characters in the expression so… not totally sure how to get you the expression if you need it. But if you pause and look at it you should be able to get it. Any also typing is fun right?

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Q&A 10/100 – Let’s Get Personal… way too personal for my taste but here’s goes nothing.

In an effort to answer everyone’s questions sometimes you get an uncomfortable one. This is one of those ones. If you’re easily offended keep watching and expand your comfort zone? I sure did and now I feel a little bit better about myself and the universe in general.

This question has nothing to do with After Effects and was sent in by @SirLanceG on twitter so ask him why he asked it if you’re so curious.

If you have questions, After Effects related or not, fire away. Send them at me on twitter to @ECAbrams with the hashtag #ECAbramsQ&A and I’ll try to get to them as soon as I can.

Q&A 5/100 How did you get into editing/How TO get into editing

First off i know this is out of order. It’s hard to answer things in order so I’m doing the ones that only require me talking at the camera first. I started the Q&A a long long time ago and since I’m a little overbooked at the moment I might as well put out some pre-recorded stock answers right?

This question comes from Twitter user @TorHenrik96 who asks: @ECAbrams #ECAbramsQ&A How did you get into editing ,etc ?

Well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy… and I had to kill a guy.

if you want to tweet a question at me go right ahead. I’m on the twitter @ECAbrams, just but #ECAbramsQ&A in the tweet and I’ll try to work it into a Q&A video coming up!

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Spin Like a Rubix Cube – An Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Make solids spin like a rubix cube using fake 3d techniques. You can do this in almost all versions of Adobe After Effects. Certainly cs6 has the extrude function but we don’t need that here and I’m not sure we even want it just right now. So if you have cs3, cs4 or cs5 you should be fine. Any older and just replace the “shape” layers with “solid” layers. That will make sense when you’re in there.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for this, ever since the “how to Sync Motion Typgraphy to Audio intro use this effect in it. If you want to see that go here: or if you want to see what this is all about just watch the intro, that’s literally what we’ll be making. Sorry it took so long to get to this though. But it’s here now so enjoy!

Alternate titles include but are not limited to “You Spin Me Right Round”, “Meat Spin”, and “Rubix Cube Solved in Record time 2012”. Do you get in trouble for having titles that don’t match you content these days?

Thanks everyone who requested this tutorial, if you have any requests always ask them at me and I’ll try to get to them depending on time and demand.

If you have any questions post them in the comments or hit me up on twitter @ECAbrams.

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3D Tracking/Camera Solving – An Adobe After Effects cs6 Tutorial

Increase the VFX possibilites with ease in this tutorial for Adobe After Effects cs6

3d Camera tracking or Camera “solving” as it’s properly called, will generate a virtual camera that tracks the physical camera moves you’ve made in a scene so you can place virtual things in there and they will look like they belong. It’s not that hard, and with cs6 it’s even easier. There are some trade offs and caveats to watch out for. This feature is new in cs6 so it’s by no means perfect.

Follow along and hopefully you’ll be up and making things in no time. And if you have any questions just leave them in the comments. There will be more tutorials on the advanced functions of this tool but for now this should get you started.

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The Render Queue: Render Settings – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Render Settings? Radicool! These things might not seem exciting but I bet you will be happy to known them when it’s exporting time. Seriously, it sucks but it’s important. And that’s not like the time someone told you long division would be important some day. This time it’s for real.

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The Render Queue: Render Settings

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The Render Queue: Overview – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

SO you made something cool in after effects and now you want to show it off to someone not also in the tech lab? Maybe put it into some editing software? Maybe put it on youtube. Well you better get cozy with the render queue because you’ll have to go through that briar patch of crap to get the pot of gold on the other side. In this case the pot of gold is some passably exported video.

Saddle up and open wide for some some learning about the Render Queue!

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The Render Queue: Output Module
The Render Queue: Render Settings

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The Render Queue: Output Module – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

So you want to know more about the Output Module. It’s kind of complicated so I’ll talk slow I suppose? Or maybe I just do that because I’m Canadian and can’t help it. Either way sit back and let’s learn what all those options are for when exporting video. They’re important and not very exciting but you will need to know them some time so let’s get exporting some awesome videos with the render queue and it’s output modules!

Check out the other videos in this series:
The Render Queue: Overview
The Render Queue: Render Settings

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Q&A 3/100 You don’t do VFX breakdowns? What is your deal!

I’ll be answering the first hundred questions tweeted to hash tag #ECAbramsQ&A
This is #3/100

From: @TomaszSzurlej

Question: #ECAbramsQ&A would you mind to do some VFX breakdowns of shots that you found effective? You like freddiew I see. Keep what you do, thanks!

Short answer: I wouldn’t mind at all.
Long answer: I wouldn’t mind but whoever did the original might when I reveal their tricks or get it so wicked wrong and abuse the DRM they hold on the original work.