Q&A 5/100 How did you get into editing/How TO get into editing

First off i know this is out of order. It’s hard to answer things in order so I’m doing the ones that only require me talking at the camera first. I started the Q&A a long long time ago and since I’m a little overbooked at the moment I might as well put out some pre-recorded stock answers right?

This question comes from Twitter user @TorHenrik96 who asks: @ECAbrams #ECAbramsQ&A How did you get into editing ,etc ?

Well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy… and I had to kill a guy.

if you want to tweet a question at me go right ahead. I’m on the twitter @ECAbrams, just but #ECAbramsQ&A in the tweet and I’ll try to work it into a Q&A video coming up!

Thanks and you are awesome.



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