Flickering Transitions – Adobe Premiere Tutorial

Flickering transitions are so hot right now, but all I have in premiere are these dumb fades! Well fear not, there’s hope with the ability to keyframe things and add effects in Premiere. I’ll show you how to make quick and easy flickering transitions in Premiere in no time… or like 10 minutes.

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Self Resizing Lower 3rds – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Create lower 3rds that change their size depending on how long the text is. Perfect for anyone looking to make better templates with more dynamic elements. This relies heavily on expressions and using monospaced fonts. And it works in any version of adobe after effects. But it is especially good for Adobe CC now that you can edit text fields from templates in Premiere Pro.

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Flying Blobs to Liquid Letters – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Reveal letters with liquid blobs and a BONUS trick to use onion skinning in after effects. It’s dirt simple and sadly there is no trick to to making this clean look, but this will save you time. The usual method for this thing is to go into photoshop and draw there, but this is all in After Effects. Jazz up your workflow with this rad tip and get making these awesome animations.

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Extrude & Layer Text with RayTrace 3d – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Extrude layered text with the RayTrace 3d settings in Adobe After Effects. You don’t need fancy pants plugins like “element”. If you like that kind of thing go nuts, but you have Open GL rendering already, it’s right here! And this tutorial will show you it’s most basic application and some tips on making it look rad. You like that right? rad things that are 3d? Everyone love 3d. It’s like… way more D? That sounds strange now that I say it out loud.

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