How to make Demo Reels – Vlog 09

So you want to make demo reel. good for you. That’s super. I wish you all the best. But think about some of the things i talk about about because me, and some other employers are really sick of seeing god awful demo reels. Just saying.

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Harmony…. in your videos – Vlog 07

Time to align your chakras and get harmonized… at least in your videos… maybe not your life. If you’re like me there’s nothing that can help you out with work life balance or even interpersonal issues but your videos can always be improved by making conscious choices that will better serve the main theme of your piece. Today we talk about why that’s important and why you should think about these things.

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Lofi Camera Tips For DSLR Cameras – Vlog 4

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In today;s vlog we’re talking tips to make your footage coming out of DSLR cameras a little more lofi. We’ll be taking the default compression off the camera. Looking at how to play with depth of field. And ways to get RAW footage on the cheap.

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Things mentioned in this vlog:
MagicLantern 3rd party firmware:
Black magic Cameras:
Red Cameras:

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The Lo Fi Aesthetic – Vlog 3

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What is lofi? what is an Aesthetic? Well learn all this and more. Lofi is esentially a response to hifi and is typified with dirty, textured, rough, and otherwise raw materials. You can see what they’re going for in things like Instagram, or ads for levis jeans, or that mooshead commercial where they take an old bus (retro) and fix it up (hand made) and tour around making music (authentic) and make a video with what is supposed to look like very little processing and true to life real, gritty, and original stuff.

That’s all bullshit because it’s just a new way of carefully crafting an image and I’ll show you how to do some of those tricks all this month in LOFIJULY!… hash tag!

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Top 5 NEW Features of After Effects CC – Vlog 2

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What’s so great about this Adobe After Effects CC anyway? Well here are the top 5 features according to me! Because I think I know best. But you might feel otherwise. Maybe there are features you like better. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited about with this new update.

Watch last week’s Vlog to hear about the change to Subscription based pricing:

Adobe CC Woes – Vlog 1

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There is a low of talk about the move to subscription based software. Adobe CC is totally subscription based and it’s a huge problem for some. But the old way was a huge problem for some to. Surely you can’t make all the people happy all the time but boy is change scary. Adobe CC is out and available for download but will you buy in?

Let me know in the comments you feel… with your feeling. Or what you think… with your thoughts.

Q&A 3/100 You don’t do VFX breakdowns? What is your deal!

I’ll be answering the first hundred questions tweeted to hash tag #ECAbramsQ&A
This is #3/100

From: @TomaszSzurlej

Question: #ECAbramsQ&A would you mind to do some VFX breakdowns of shots that you found effective? You like freddiew I see. Keep what you do, thanks!

Short answer: I wouldn’t mind at all.
Long answer: I wouldn’t mind but whoever did the original might when I reveal their tricks or get it so wicked wrong and abuse the DRM they hold on the original work.

Q&A 1/100 How Long Have You Been Using? How did you Start? (it’s like Intervention)

I’ll be answering the first hundred questions tweeted to hash tag #ECAbramsQ&A
This is #1/100

From: @Izze_Bryson, AKA Bryson Kuhlman, AKA
Question: #ECAbramsQ&A How long have you been using after affects and how did you learn to use it? 😉

Good question… as long as the day is… something. I don’t think I ever learned. I still don’t know what I’m doing. Do you know?