Animate Venn Diagrams – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Venn Diagrams are rad. And in this week’s *quality After Effects Tutorial we’ll make them. And making them is as simple as drawing two circles and colouring. But in after Effects that can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, thankfully this can be found in the area where things you want to do overlap with things I know how to do and things that are tutorials now. See what I did there? It’s a venn diagram joke. Now known as a Venny! As in, that was a wicked venny!

Either way it’s not that tough to make in after effects. It’s a lot of parenting, pick whips, duplicating, and precomping. My god the pre-comps. You won’t believe how many precomps you need to make this venn diagram… well a lot more if you are making a lot more intersections because of the limits of the alpha track matte and the stencil alpha blending mode… but that’ll make sense when you do the tutorial.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.



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