The Time Script

Want to make things faster? Save time? Turn back the clock? Well it’s time for the “time” script to change your life for the better. It can’t fix things like how old you’re getting before you’re ready but it can help you beat project deadlines and make quick revisions. Also it’s just great for lazy bums like me!

Leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll help you out best I can.

Here’s the project file I promised! Tut Project Files.aep

Scripts used in order of appearance:



n = time;

d = 100;





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  • Tanner Smith

    05.02.2012 at 20:26 Reply

    Nice tutorial, AE is so freakin’ massive! I was never a programmer. I do get the just of Javascript, though I don’t agree with it’s punctuation rules. (But that’s the American in me) I probably just broke some punctuation rules writing this comment, how’s that for American Arrogance? I am curious as to how I would link the time expression to, let’s say, a camera’s x,y position.

  • ECAbrams

    06.02.2012 at 01:20 Reply

    You would add it to a position about the same as any other property. But with the position is expects to see things in this format [x,y,z] so if you were to out in some values you would have to do it something like:
    so then the value you have for the position is changed by time on the x and nothing on the y or z for example.

  • Dale

    10.02.2012 at 20:58 Reply

    Fantastic stuff, Evan! Thanks so much!

    Question: Is there an easy way to keep the two-decimal placed numbers from jostling left to right as the counter reaches & leaves a number ending with zero? I guess I’m asking if there’s a way to have the last digit display “0”. (as compared to not showing anything)

    Thanks again!!!

    • ECAbrams

      12.02.2012 at 04:12 Reply

      Hey champ. Got your email there.

      There is a solution, but it eludes me at this time. AAe by default won’t render 0s after the decimal point using the math operations that we used to make the original piece since it uses division.

      I would think another solution is to use the timecode generator instead to make the clock? There is more control there in the dimensions since it’s by default a whack of 0:00:00 that is meant to be constant in formatting.

      I hope that helps. Cheers and thanks for the question.

  • Augustin

    20.02.2012 at 07:44 Reply


    I just started learning AE and your tutorials are my favorite. This one is especially helpful ’cause I have tried several days to make a fun “corner clock”.

    One problem, I cannot download the project file through the link. For some reason, the mediafire site does not work.

    Is it possible to send me one copy of the aep file via email?

    Thank you a million.


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