The Lo Fi Aesthetic – Vlog 3

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What is lofi? what is an Aesthetic? Well learn all this and more. Lofi is esentially a response to hifi and is typified with dirty, textured, rough, and otherwise raw materials. You can see what they’re going for in things like Instagram, or ads for levis jeans, or that mooshead commercial where they take an old bus (retro) and fix it up (hand made) and tour around making music (authentic) and make a video with what is supposed to look like very little processing and true to life real, gritty, and original stuff.

That’s all bullshit because it’s just a new way of carefully crafting an image and I’ll show you how to do some of those tricks all this month in LOFIJULY!… hash tag!

Tell me what you feel about lofi in the comments below! And if you have a thing you want to hear me talk about ask away. I love suggestions.


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