SourceRectAtTime() Revisited – Adobe After Effects tutorial

We take another closer look at the SourceRectAtTime expression. Usually used to make boxes the same size as text layers, many of you asked for more control over what kind of text alignment could be used. Well this is the long answer I couldn’t just type at you in the comments. This tutorial uses MATH and EXPRESSIONS. You have been warned.

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Build a Snowman (nulls and expressions) – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Do you want to build a snowman? How about if the snowman build’s itself? We’re going to use nulls and some basic expressions to do less work when we move layers around in precise ways. Rotate a circle like it’s rolling on the ground? Easy! Roll a circle up another circle? Easier! Maintain texture size while scaling? Easiest! Also, I promise no singing.

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Control Time in Templates – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Control the timing of your templates! Give users the power to retime animations as they need. Want an animation to last longer? Or text to come on slower? Should a logo come on later? Sooner? Using a simple group of expressions we will open up a whole new world of template possibilities. Even if you don’t make templates you might learn something here.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

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