Flying Liquid Teardrop Blobs – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Make liquid blobs fly around the frame. I’m sure you’ve seen this before and if you’ve tried particle systems, and just plain drawing it, then you need this lovely solution that uses other paths as guides but still tricks the computer into doing most of the work for you. It’s great.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.


Download this project file:

This file ONLY works in After Effects CS6 and NEWER.

Download DirectDownload Via GumRoad


  • Thorsten

    22.06.2014 at 14:09 Reply

    the link to the downloadpage doen’t work? where can i geht them?

  • Russ B

    23.11.2015 at 13:27 Reply

    Your tutorials are awesome, thanks so much for your help with AE.. when I get a bit of money i’ll be sure to purchase some of your files in order to make a contribution… Was wondering how to generate those shadows in the 3d layer for the “Flying Liquid Teardrop Blobs”

    • ecabrams

      23.11.2015 at 13:43 Reply

      Hey Russ. Those shadows are a precomp of the content that’s just been moved in 3d, given a blur and a fill, and made a little transparent. Not much to it. Enjoy.

      • Russ B

        23.11.2015 at 14:05 Reply

        Awesome, was on my way to figuring it out when i got your response.. will mess w/ the transparency as well! Thanks again, you’re the best!

  • Joanna Noriel Edera

    01.12.2016 at 07:59 Reply

    Hi! I really like your tutorials. I learn at lot from them. You did mention in your video that the text animation for this will be in another video. Could you please give me the link to that?

    • ecabrams

      07.12.2016 at 17:12 Reply

      I’m not sure if I ended up getting around to it. If I did it must be on the channel in the tutorials playlist. It was a long time ago or me to remember. If I didn’t do it though, I should soon right?

  • snowbombs

    02.02.2017 at 11:42 Reply

    hi, thanks for this tutorial! pretty good!
    I’ve learn at lot!
    But why did you don’t use “Turbulent Displace” effect to animate the drop? it doesn’t exist when you make the vidéo?
    thanks again 😉

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