Classy Sliding Text – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Keep it classy in Adobe After Effects with sliding text that appears from behind… nothing! It’s a much used technique for whole lines or just single words. A great way to animate objects on simple and clean in adobe after effects. There are two ways to do it, I’ll show you both. Haha both ways!


This will use text layers, shape layers, some keyframes, the graph editor, and your own creativity… so get on the trolly and let’s have a corking good show! And other old time classy expressions.

This tutorial was asked for my ChimpEatsBananas. Yeah I got it wrong in the intro. I don’t do one take. Amateurs to two takes. I do one take! If you want to submit a tutorial idea use the form at: but I may get your name wrong when I reference you… what am I saying “may”?

This project file works in CS6 or newer ONLY.

Download Via Gumroad

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