Q&A 10/100 – Let’s Get Personal… way too personal for my taste but here’s goes nothing.

In an effort to answer everyone’s questions sometimes you get an uncomfortable one. This is one of those ones. If you’re easily offended keep watching and expand your comfort zone? I sure did and now I feel a little bit better about myself and the universe in general.

This question has nothing to do with After Effects and was sent in by @SirLanceG on twitter so ask him why he asked it if you’re so curious.

If you have questions, After Effects related or not, fire away. Send them at me on twitter to @ECAbrams with the hashtag #ECAbramsQ&A and I’ll try to get to them as soon as I can.


Q&A 5/100 How did you get into editing/How TO get into editing

First off i know this is out of order. It’s hard to answer things in order so I’m doing the ones that only require me talking at the camera first. I started the Q&A a long long time ago and since I’m a little overbooked at the moment I might as well put out some pre-recorded stock answers right?

This question comes from Twitter user @TorHenrik96 who asks: @ECAbrams #ECAbramsQ&A How did you get into editing ,etc ?

Well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy… and I had to kill a guy.

if you want to tweet a question at me go right ahead. I’m on the twitter @ECAbrams, just but #ECAbramsQ&A in the tweet and I’ll try to work it into a Q&A video coming up!

Thanks and you are awesome.