$10 Animated Font in 5 Colours

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Five colour, animated on and off, customizable font, now available for download!


1080p, 25 fps, A-Z, 0-9, and all punctuation marks including brackets.

Customize colours quickly with 5 colour pickers on one control layer for the whole set. Easilly change the timing of the letter’s transition from a slider bar from .04 seconds (1 frame) up to .52 seconds with each layer coming on one ofter the other. And if 5 is too many layers, take it down to even just 1 with the slider control.


*this is not a “font” that you type. It is animated elements on separate and distinct layers*


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  • Lou Sanatore

    28.04.2016 at 12:55 Reply

    Thank you Evan! You are awesome and appreciate the high quality work.

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