The Lo Fi Aesthetic – Vlog 3

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What is lofi? what is an Aesthetic? Well learn all this and more. Lofi is esentially a response to hifi and is typified with dirty, textured, rough, and otherwise raw materials. You can see what they’re going for in things like Instagram, or ads for levis jeans, or that mooshead commercial where they take an old bus (retro) and fix it up (hand made) and tour around making music (authentic) and make a video with what is supposed to look like very little processing and true to life real, gritty, and original stuff.

That’s all bullshit because it’s just a new way of carefully crafting an image and I’ll show you how to do some of those tricks all this month in LOFIJULY!… hash tag!

Tell me what you feel about lofi in the comments below! And if you have a thing you want to hear me talk about ask away. I love suggestions.

Procedural Forest – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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How to make many layers that are similar but unique really fast with expressions. Never make and place more things than you have to if you can make a computer do it for you! we’ll make a quick trip through the woods, but you should think about how you can use these techniques to save time with other things too.

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Top 5 NEW Features of After Effects CC – Vlog 2

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What’s so great about this Adobe After Effects CC anyway? Well here are the top 5 features according to me! Because I think I know best. But you might feel otherwise. Maybe there are features you like better. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited about with this new update.

Watch last week’s Vlog to hear about the change to Subscription based pricing:

Bubble Gum Pop – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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In this week’s quality after effects tutorial you’ll learn how to animate shape layers into a bubble gum bubble, pop it, and all without any hand drawn animation. We’ll use effects like the roughen edges for the look, the turbulent displace for the shapes, and the shape layer tools like merger paths and wiggle paths to combine and change shapes automatically. Puff Puff POP!

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This project file for this will work in Adobe CC 2015 and newer (13.5) and WILL NOT work in older versions.

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Adobe CC Woes – Vlog 1

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There is a low of talk about the move to subscription based software. Adobe CC is totally subscription based and it’s a huge problem for some. But the old way was a huge problem for some to. Surely you can’t make all the people happy all the time but boy is change scary. Adobe CC is out and available for download but will you buy in?

Let me know in the comments you feel… with your feeling. Or what you think… with your thoughts.

How To Use: Chromatic Aberration Template

This is how to use the Chromatic Aberration Template from available now HERE:

You can customize the amount of the distortion, how blended the effect is with the original image, and how often the distortion occurs. And I’ll show you briefly how to sync up some of the attributes to audio.

Template Trailer:

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Chromatic Aberration Template – Trailer

Download this template:

Chromatic Aberrations are the optical errors that occur at the bound of light and dark in images because of errors in the lens. But you can make them in post using this template. The plugin will cause random motion and distortion across the colour channels separating them out and moving them around.

You can customize the amount of the distortion, how blended the effect is with the original image, and how often the distortion occurs.

Learn how use this template:

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Peeling Stickers – Adobe After Effects tutorial

This week’s “quality” after effects tutorial is about putting stickers on things. It’s a clever way to introduce external graphics that have no context right on top of people and things. It’s great. Also I saw it on HGTV once so it must be good. Either way the first method that I’m not too interested in uses the CC Page Turn, and the second method uses a lot of alpha mattes, some position changes, and still let’s to change the sticker content whenever you so desire.

Download Direct

And if you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

Q&A Facebook Edition – Question 5 (why start this channel?)

Why did I start this youtube channel. Well that’s a trip down memory lane, and I challenge you to find any evidence of the story reference in the video. I may have erased my past to prevent time travellers from getting me.

Either way enjoy the secret comic book origins of this channel.

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Animate Venn Diagrams – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Venn Diagrams are rad. And in this week’s *quality After Effects Tutorial we’ll make them. And making them is as simple as drawing two circles and colouring. But in after Effects that can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, thankfully this can be found in the area where things you want to do overlap with things I know how to do and things that are tutorials now. See what I did there? It’s a venn diagram joke. Now known as a Venny! As in, that was a wicked venny!

Either way it’s not that tough to make in after effects. It’s a lot of parenting, pick whips, duplicating, and precomping. My god the pre-comps. You won’t believe how many precomps you need to make this venn diagram… well a lot more if you are making a lot more intersections because of the limits of the alpha track matte and the stencil alpha blending mode… but that’ll make sense when you do the tutorial.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.