The Render Queue: Output Module – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

So you want to know more about the Output Module. It’s kind of complicated so I’ll talk slow I suppose? Or maybe I just do that because I’m Canadian and can’t help it. Either way sit back and let’s learn what all those options are for when exporting video. They’re important and not very exciting but you will need to know them some time so let’s get exporting some awesome videos with the render queue and it’s output modules!

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The Render Queue: Overview
The Render Queue: Render Settings

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Q&A 3/100 You don’t do VFX breakdowns? What is your deal!

I’ll be answering the first hundred questions tweeted to hash tag #ECAbramsQ&A
This is #3/100

From: @TomaszSzurlej

Question: #ECAbramsQ&A would you mind to do some VFX breakdowns of shots that you found effective? You like freddiew I see. Keep what you do, thanks!

Short answer: I wouldn’t mind at all.
Long answer: I wouldn’t mind but whoever did the original might when I reveal their tricks or get it so wicked wrong and abuse the DRM they hold on the original work.

Q&A 1/100 How Long Have You Been Using? How did you Start? (it’s like Intervention)

I’ll be answering the first hundred questions tweeted to hash tag #ECAbramsQ&A
This is #1/100

From: @Izze_Bryson, AKA Bryson Kuhlman, AKA
Question: #ECAbramsQ&A How long have you been using after affects and how did you learn to use it? 😉

Good question… as long as the day is… something. I don’t think I ever learned. I still don’t know what I’m doing. Do you know?

After Effects Q&A (or whatever really)

Thanks to everyone who subscribed. There are over 2500 of you now. And to say thanks I would like to hold a Q&A, but that’s hard since we would have to be on the same schedules, which I doubt we are. BUT with the magic of technology we can still do it.

Tweet your questions with the twitter using Hash Tag #ECAbramsQ&A in your tweet and I’ll answer the first 100 questions I get with a video response.

Ask me about anything your like. It doesn’t ahve to be about After Effects, or even about video, or even something I might know, but I do know a whole lot of stuff, so sock it to me.

Cheers and thanks again for being so awesome and subsribing.

Evan Abrams

Make Gradient Backgrounds

Ah gradients, they beat the pants off flat colours any day of the week. Do you spell it colors or colours? I’m Canadian so I say the “u” when I speak it.

There are many ways to make gradients but this is by far the best way. It’s way better than that silly way you were making them before, believe me… I know.

These are great for adding a nice subtle and classy background to things and after you get used to the technique you can crank them out in no time at all! Or take your time and do a good job, that’s an option too but it’s not for everyone.

Want to make things look good in other ways?
Learn about Layer Styles?

Learn about Textures?

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Working With Textures

Ah textures. Sometimes I just like to go rub my face in them… usually after I’ve had some “candy” at a “candy party”. If you get why those are in quotes… good for us. If not that’s cool too.

Textures are just high res photos of something that has a nice real world, non specific, even surface that you can re-purpose to make things interesting. Kind of like how I re-purpose lamp shades to make myself look more interesting at candy parties.

Want to make things look cool another way?
Learn about gradients?

Learn about Layer Styles?

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After Effects Layer Styles

If you’re a stylish person like me you already know it’s better to look good than it is to feel good. And after effects knows it too. That’s why it has no feelings and layer styles. these things are awesome and you will love using them if you have cs4 or later. If you don’t… then you will love wishing you could use them.

Learn more about making cool things look cooler!
Learn about gradients?

Learn about Textures?

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How To Make Things Look “good” In After Effects

Today I talk at you from my living room about making things look “good” and though that’s a matter of taste it won’t get me down! Certainly there are many things you could do and I’ve thought of only three because I have a lot of other things going on in my day to worry about. So check out those tutorials and I’ll see you around the Internet.

Learn about gradients?

Learn about Layer Styles?

Learn about Textures?

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Extrude 3d Letters

Make your words, letters, whatever 3d inside adobe after effects! No plugins or fancy expensive 3d programs needed! All boring vanilla after effects. All you need is a little expression and a lot of duplicating. So we can’t actually make something “really” 3d but we can make it “fake” or “imaginary” 3d using many layers like plywood or 3d printers. 3d printing is so hot right now right?

The expression used is:
BUT the “thisComp.layer(“Controls”).effect(“Slider”)(“Slider”)” needs to be changed to whatever your slider control is… so use the pick whip to make it happen.

For those who are wondering duplicate is ctrl+d or command+d as a short cut and I use it a lot of a lot of times in this one. I really need to watch my short cut slips. How about I do a series on JUST short cuts so we can all learn them together.. as a team?

Anyway, people have been asking for more typography tutoirals so here’s one just for you… yes you. And if you have any comments or questions or suggestions for upcoming tutorials holler at me in the comments or on twitter or facebook or even my own site right here?