• Custom Transition

    Impress your friends, family, and only moderately appease your producers or clients with these custom transition techniques. I’m just going to be blah blah blahing and showing some of what you’ll be making while I in turn, make terrible transitions based puns and bit gags. Really if you take...

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  • Muzzle Flashes

    For those who like to shoot each other on video, this one’s for you, Make muzzle flashes,flares, front gun explosions things blam blam! This uses a little null object and some 3d action to make it faster and a little bigger and better. This technique uses some pieces from the action essentials...

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  • Hinged Text Transition

    I’ve had a number of requests about how I did parts of the Drama B – Lady in my life motion typography. Here is just one of them. In this tutorial we will be making text come onto the screen and then opening it up like a door and pushing through it. It gets a

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  • Freeze Frame Tutorial

    Freeze Frame Titles

    I like the old pulp movies where characters were introduced with a freeze frame and plate with their name and sometimes something about them. Looking back on it that was a lame visual device to save on writing, but now you can make one too! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in

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  • Retro Film Look

    For that old school, retro, vintage, hipster, film look… look no further. Here we’ll cover how to make that reel to reel home theater experience with jostling frames and the offset effect. We will also treat the footage to look crappy, over exposed, and washed out just like you remember your...

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