Animate On Banners – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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Animate on classy vector banners. These are so hot right now. Or are they cool? I don’t even know because I am neither of those things. But what I do know is it’s really simple to design and animate these and just takes a couple minutes of work. You can do it all inside after effects, and you should. It’s made with shape layers, masks, and love.

To download this project file get it here or here

Get the font you saw animate on go here:

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The Text Animation Tool – Adobe After Effects tutorial

So you want to animate some text do you? Well After Effects is good for that. The text animation options can be a little dodgy at times but this tutorial or lesson or whatever should see you clear to getting on the right track.

A more advanced tutorial on these things is coming up but for now this should get you using the properties, the range selector, and all those fun easing options right fast.

Thanks for watching and have a nice day 🙂