• loopytut

    Get Loopy wit LoopOut

    Let’s get loopy with the loopOut. A simple script with many possibilities. Also it’s a good way to ease yourself into scripting things to save time, which is the first step to making the computer do all your work for you. And when you figure that out I’ll be out of a job and go

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  • Chroma Pic

    Chroma Key

    Here are the keys to successful chroma keying… and terrible pun making. All you need is one chromatic green bed sheet. Which you can get at most swedish bedding stores. And then someone to stand infront of it while you point a camera at them! Tips for actual success: 1. Evenly light your green...

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  • Vignettes

    Vignettes are those fancy pants gradients around the edges of the frame in hipsters photographs. They make you look cool and like you know what you’re doing. So let’s fake that in post! There are 3 simple Vignette methods: 1. Using a solid layer and mask 2. Using a Shape layer and a fill...

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  • Custom Transition

    Impress your friends, family, and only moderately appease your producers or clients with these custom transition techniques. I’m just going to be blah blah blahing and showing some of what you’ll be making while I in turn, make terrible transitions based puns and bit gags. Really if you take...

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  • Muzzle Flashes

    For those who like to shoot each other on video, this one’s for you, Make muzzle flashes,flares, front gun explosions things blam blam! This uses a little null object and some 3d action to make it faster and a little bigger and better. This technique uses some pieces from the action essentials...

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