How to use 5 Colour Animated font from ECAbrams – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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This is how to use the animated font that you can see in action here:

Get the animated font files here: for paypal payments. Or here:

This will show you how to: Import the files, lay out the letters, sequence layers in time, edit the colours, edit the time offset between the layers, and choose how many layers there are.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

Easy as Pie Charts – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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This tutorial is as easy as pie… pie charts that is! It’s all about making a simple and easilly editable pie chart. The trick is to get one wedge to start where the other wedge ends. It’s very clever and quite tasty. Also if you look closely you’ll learn things about pies, and me, and yourself.

This is the perfect solution for when you need a pie chart but someone isn’t giving you the data you need right away. Or if a producer comes in and changes it. Or needs to change the order, or whatever. This is brilliant, trust me. I think so and I’m the guy who made it.

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If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

If you want to download this project file go here:

Spinning Globe – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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We’ll be using the cc sphere, a little masking, and some clever layer stacking and duplicating to move some arrows around a globe and look good doing it. I personally hate to travel because I fear being groped by the TSA so this is good for me. But this has arrows, lines, dotted lines, masks, all sorts of good things. So I’ve got two tickets to tutorial town, pack your bags we’ll leave… whenever. Cause… It’s the internet.

If you want to use the texture that I used you can get it here:

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Animate Text On A Path – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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How do you animate text along a path? Well you do it by animating text along a path. It’s like riding a bike, you just ride it. But everyone has to have their first go at it so if this is your first go at it I’ll try to make it simple for you. Also just a warning the second half of this has nothing to do with animating text along a path, it’s all flashy embelishing and blah blah blah.

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Flip Clock Countdown and Up – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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Here is a flipping good countdown clock. It’s a little tricky to make it go but I’m sure you can do it. It’s based on the retro flip clocks you might have on your desk right now. Oh what’s that? You can’t tell time using a circle clock but think it’s lame to go digital because lo-fi is so hip right now. I thought so.

If you can’t be bothered to do the tutorial or just want to save time or see how an expert *cough* does it use this link and get the file: It’s practically free in that you can pay whatever you want… if you want to.

Isolate One Colour (Color) – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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Make your footage black and white and one other colour. It’s like Sin City, Shindler’s List, Yellow Pages ads, and what I see when I’m on the left handed cigarettes. It’s quite simple to do and you’ll enjoy doing it! Unless you don’t enjoy it, then… I’m so sorry.

This tutorial is a request from Jim. Just Jim. If you want to request a topic use the request form!

Moving Frames Montage – Adobe After Effects tutorial

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This is how to make a cool montage that slides and moves around. It’s basically a ripoff of the opening to parks and recreation. I’ll show you the basics and I’m sure you can do the rest. It’s pretty simple once you picture the whole thing as one big board of videos and you move a camera around it. Not that I know exactly what parks and rec did but I’m very sure that’s how it was done.

If you have any problems just let me know in the comments or tweet at me @ECAbrams 🙂

Shape Layer Transformations- Adobe After Effects tutorial

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So you want to make stuff. And then make that stuff into other stuff? Well it’s great we have shape layers for all that nonsense you want to do. Shape layers make for excellent vector graphics in after effects and once you get a handle on their idiosyncrasies they are a lot of awesome,

This tutorial suggestion comes from my home girl Rachel (@iamrachellewis on twitter) who wanted to know how to turn a TV into a Laptop into an iphone. If you want submit a tutorial topic go here:

And as always if you have questions put them in the comments or hit me up on twitter @ECAbrams or leave a message on facebook on

Thanks and have a nice day.

The Text Animation Tool – Adobe After Effects tutorial

So you want to animate some text do you? Well After Effects is good for that. The text animation options can be a little dodgy at times but this tutorial or lesson or whatever should see you clear to getting on the right track.

A more advanced tutorial on these things is coming up but for now this should get you using the properties, the range selector, and all those fun easing options right fast.

Thanks for watching and have a nice day 🙂