After Effects Q&A (or whatever really)

Thanks to everyone who subscribed. There are over 2500 of you now. And to say thanks I would like to hold a Q&A, but that’s hard since we would have to be on the same schedules, which I doubt we are. BUT with the magic of technology we can still do it.

Tweet your questions with the twitter using Hash Tag #ECAbramsQ&A in your tweet and I’ll answer the first 100 questions I get with a video response.

Ask me about anything your like. It doesn’t ahve to be about After Effects, or even about video, or even something I might know, but I do know a whole lot of stuff, so sock it to me.

Cheers and thanks again for being so awesome and subsribing.

Evan Abrams

How To Make Things Look “good” In After Effects

Today I talk at you from my living room about making things look “good” and though that’s a matter of taste it won’t get me down! Certainly there are many things you could do and I’ve thought of only three because I have a lot of other things going on in my day to worry about. So check out those tutorials and I’ll see you around the Internet.

Learn about gradients?

Learn about Layer Styles?

Learn about Textures?

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Starting EKG simulation

When starting a new project into faking real world object it really helps to go and get an idea of just how that thing works to know what you’re faking. Like with this upcoming tutorial where I talk about making and EKG screen I spent some time hooked up to one in the hospital just for fun. Actually I faked chest pains to skip the line but that’s another story. I suppose the moral is that before you go to make something in After Effects that exists or has some basis in reality just wiki it up and the process gets easier.

Movember Is Begun

This year I will be doing Movember. Which is different than my usual facial hair growth.

Let’s have a look at my progress of far? From this….

Evan Abrams Movember Day 0

Movember Day 0

To this…

Evan Abrams Movember Day 7

Movember Day 6

If you want to donate to this great cause head on over to and help us raise awareness of prostate Cancer.

It is totally preventable and absolutely fatal if no caught in time, and too many men are too proud to not get their shit checked out.