Fractal and Turbulent Noises – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Fractal Noise or Turbulent Noise? What’s the difference and when should I use each or either of those effects? Well… never and always. I’ll talk you through the differences, similarities and what to do with these and… a noisy noise annoys an oyster.
If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.
Have questions? Leave them in the comments. Or tweet at me… or don’t. Who cares?

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Morph Text From Regular to Bold – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Morph your text shapes from regular weight to bold, black, italics, whatever. Simple steps and you can repeat and solve most problems that might come up.


BUT it’s not a perfect solution and you MAY have to do manual fixing. If you do have to fix it manually work backwards and try not to cry. The not crying is the most important because I have no tolerance for frustrated people having been one myself my whole life… it frustrates me!

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Speed Ramp Footage (Time Remapping)- Adobe After Effects tutorial

Speed ramping, the smooth transition from normal speed, to fast speed, to slow speed, isn’t that hard. At least, it’s not that hard for me. Maybe it is for you. And after you watch this it won’t be that hard for you either… I hope. Also now you can show off your rad sk8boarding tricks and nunchucking and breaking things in your back yard…. speed ramp with care though and don’t hurt yourself trying to be cool. Cause that’s not cool. Except that chicks dig scars… oh they don’t? Darn.

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How to make Demo Reels – Vlog 09

So you want to make demo reel. good for you. That’s super. I wish you all the best. But think about some of the things i talk about about because me, and some other employers are really sick of seeing god awful demo reels. Just saying.

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Harmony…. in your videos – Vlog 07

Time to align your chakras and get harmonized… at least in your videos… maybe not your life. If you’re like me there’s nothing that can help you out with work life balance or even interpersonal issues but your videos can always be improved by making conscious choices that will better serve the main theme of your piece. Today we talk about why that’s important and why you should think about these things.

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